Group Information

We are a referral networking group, consisting of only one member from each unique profession. We track statistics so you can understand how much value a KBC membership will bring to your business.

We have an event coordinator for the planning of events throughout the year.

The Value of Networking with Us

  • One to One
    • One to one is designed to allow members the opportunity to get to know each other. Taking the time to learn more about fellow members and their business or services makes it easier to refer them.
  • Closed Business
    • Helps us to track how successful our referrals are by giving a dollar amount to the transactions.
  • Visitor/Guest
    • This is the chance to recruit new members to the group. By inviting a guest to sit in with the group and see how it works.

Membership Dues

First year dues are $360 with the opportunity for the following years dues to be as low as $60. The membership dues stay strictly within the group and are used for maintaining the group, events, and advertising. Lunch fees are additional, paid quarterly.

Meal Costs

  • $175.00 every 9 weeks plus $25.00 guest meal fee paid to KBC.


President:Jesse Ebbett
Vice President:Ivory Winston
Treasurer:Tina Peters
Visitor Coordinator:Spencer Watson
Speaker Roster & Education Coordinator:Tanya Evans
Social Media Coordinator:Arc Technologies

Speaker Guidelines

Speaker Guidelines – Spotlight Presentations

10 Minute presentations are held each week from one of our members, regarding their profession. The speaker brings a small gift to go into a referral draw at the end of each meeting. There is a projector and screen available for the presentations.


How to give Good Referrals

A referral is the opportunity to do business with someone who is in the market to buy your product or service. In giving a good referral, there are six points to follow:

  • Listen for a need from someone you’ve met.
  • Tell the individual that you know someone who can provide that service.
  • If you have done business with that member, tell about your experience.
  • Give out the business card of the person you are referring and ask for the individual’s card.
  • Ask if it’s okay to have the member call or contact the individual.
  • If the answer is yes, fill out the referral slip and give it to the member at the next meeting.

Flashlight Recommendations

  1. Intro
    • Your Name
    • Your Company Name
  2. Body
    • 30 seconds of a different topic every week. Focus on a service or product and discuss the benefits of it.
    • Discuss what a good referral would be for you.
    • Tell us what your business does.
  3. Summary
    • In a sentence sum up what you just said.
    • Sum up why it would be of benefit to the person using your service.
  4. Closing
    • Your Name.
    • Company Name.
    • Slogan or Tag Line.